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Total reviews rating 5

66 Reviews for Smarter Marketing Concepts 2024:

Review №1

2024-06-27 14:24:35

Thank you to Sam and Nikolefor taking the time and having the patience in helping me set up an account with them. Nikole was very knowledgeable about helping me set up my Google account as well as answering any questions I had about the services that I had just payed for. She made me feel confident that voice search was the right move for my marketing campaign for my new business in this area. I give her an A+, good job and thank you! And Sam gets an A+ too.

Review №2

2024-06-26 15:20:44

Exceptional Customer Support The customer support at Smarter Marketing Concepts is top-notch. They are always ready to assist with any software-related queries or issues.

Review №3

2024-06-26 15:21:32

The software from Smarter Marketing Concepts is incredibly user-friendly. Even those with limited tech experience can navigate and utilize its powerful features.

Review №4

2024-06-20 13:15:24

They will not return calls, finish work or refund whats owed. I will be seeing them in court as they are incapable of putting together a modern day age website. Voice Search is a joke and I wouldnt even trust them to waste money running my ads. Sam is a real piece of work and unprofessional. Shamir was supposed to have fixed up the mess Sam started and Abe who knows. All scammers, stay away!

Review №5

2024-06-27 13:49:05

Seamless Integration Integrating Smarter Marketing Concepts software with our existing systems was seamless. It works flawlessly with our other tools.

Review №6

2024-04-15 17:11:11

Received a call from a sales rep today after my boss had filled out a form about being added to a voice search. The rep was very rude after I told him that my boss wasnt in at the moment. He isnt always in our office. and The rep said oh you filled this out. I said no that was my boss I would need some information. He then said Im not making a cold call someone called me and he just filled out this form and your now tell me he isnt in the office for me to talk to. I at this point had been insulted and basically told that I am a lied then proceeded to tell me that I filled out the form. I was so confused because Im sure he is very well aware that people are able to fill forms out from any location. He then said he will just send him an email and hung up. Not the way to win someones business and definitely not the way someone should be talking to potential customers. I called the number back with hopes a manager will respond and have a conversation with their sales rep and tech them how to treat and talk to people.

Review №7

2024-06-27 13:54:47

Reliable Performance The software from Smarter Marketing Concepts is reliable and performs consistently well, even under heavy usage.

Review №8

2024-02-14 18:24:22

Awesome, dependable and trustworthy company. Came highly recommended by Zachary Klutts. He says the company goes above and beyond to ensure customer satisfaction. Thanks Smarter Marketing Concepts and most of all THANK YOU Zach Klutts for the referral!

Review №9

2024-02-05 16:47:52

Shay was awesome! She had a great professional Texas accent so no complaints listening to her read the rules!

Review №10

2024-01-09 23:19:31

Smarter Marketing was beyond helpful in truly getting our business out there! They were educational, resourceful and professional. We will definitely be sharing our experience to fellow business owners!