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Phone: +1 949-383-5390
Opening hours
  • Monday:8 AM–6 PM
  • Tuesday:8 AM–6 PM
  • Wednesday:8 AM–6 PM
  • Thursday:8 AM–6 PM
  • Friday:8 AM–6 PM
  • Saturday:Closed
  • Sunday:Closed
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Total reviews rating 5

65 Reviews for RealREPP 2024:

Review №1

2024-02-07 00:09:06

I want to express my gratitude to Dylan Jimenez. He has been an exceptional recruiter, providing invaluable support throughout my interview process. Dylans expertise is evident, but what truly sets him apart is his genuine care, attentive listening, and consistent follow-up. In such a competitive job market, these qualities are priceless for any candidate. Dylans assistance has been instrumental in helping me navigate this journey, and I cannot thank him enough. I owe a huge thanks to Dylan for his unwavering support.

Review №2

2023-10-31 02:26:53

Megan is amazing! A friend of mine referred me to her, and since the beginning, she has been so professional and kind. Her communication skills go above and beyond. Megan exceeded my expectations. Looking for a new job and going to interviews is kind of stressful, but Megan made me feel comfortable and gave me confidence. I’m so grateful for her help and advice. Gaby L

Review №3

2023-02-27 06:23:41

I had a great experience with RealREPP! Jessica worked very hard helping me find work in the bay area while I was in progress moving from Los Angeles with my fiancé. She cared about my success in the interview process, helped prepare me the best she could and followed up after the interview. I did not get the first job I interviewed with unfortunately but reached out again if she knew of any other opportunities. Jessica and her colleague Paige found a great match and I ended up getting the job! I am on my 10th month working for the same great company. I greatly appreciate all the help and support Jessica and Paige!

Review №4

2023-02-18 00:37:07

I am a candidate that has been working with RealREPP for almost a year. I am very satisfied with the service, the kind of positions they offer, the calibre of the companies they work with and most importantly the people that work at the agency. My recruiter Megan Herrera is a star. She is mature, professional, has great follow up and follow through skills and she has helped me with interviewing a lot. Megan owns her work, she was there for me when I had questions or concerns. I am very happy to be part of RealREPP and would recommend this company to anybody. Maria Belsito-Gordon

Review №5

2023-03-14 18:03:16

I have had the opportunity to work with RealREPP for 3 years now and I truly value their recruiting partnership and support. In specific, I am super appreciative of the relationship I have established with Dylan Jimenez, Lead Senior Executive Recruiter at RealREPP. His initiative in learning my employers style of work, culture, and environment, provides a more proactive approach to the recruiting process, targeting in specific the candidates that will be suitable for our roles. he gets me! Its professionals like Dylan at RealREPP, that have this firm in my top recruiting partners.

Review №6

2023-04-04 19:59:03

I have worked with Megan Herrera for some time now, after meeting her several years ago to discuss an opportunity with a really great firm. Needless to say I landed the job, and I have to give props to Megan for highlighting my values and ensuring I was fairly compensated.Megan has since been my “go to” for job placement. I have worked with several recruiters and I’m always reminded why Megan stands out amongst them all. She’s honest, fair and trustworthy! She’s “My Recruiter” at RealREPP.

Review №7

2023-02-18 03:02:27

Paige at RealREPP is amazing. She was incredibly informative about the job that I was applying to and responded quickly to any follow up questions. She made sure that I was prepped for my interview and had great intel on what the employer was looking for in a candidate. Unlike many other recruiters, she is very knowledgeable about the industry, the hiring employer and really made sure I was a fit for the position. I would recommend Paige at RealREPP for anyone looking for a new opportunity.

Review №8

2023-03-18 23:37:18

I am grateful to have connected with Dylan Jimenez @ RealREPP because I am now working at a great company in a role that is challenging, rewarding and fun. I attribute my successful career match to Dylan who, after carefully considering the companys requirements, brought this opportunity my way. Prior to interviewing, Dylan provided a thorough (and as it turned out, very accurate) briefing of the company, the person I would be supporting, and the team Id be working with, then coached me through each round of interviews. I was supported and encouraged every step of the way, up to and including the final salary negotiations. Thanks, Dylan I appreciate you helping me find and win my next great job!

Review №9

2023-03-07 05:15:25

Working with RealREPP has been an awesome experience!I’m a Mom that took some time off to be with my baby, and I just recently started my career search to get back to work.It’s been about a month of career searching and I’ve had some awful experiences with recruiters. From recruiters that were careless/rude putting in minimal effort, to one that completely ghosted me.Then I came across RealREPP on LinkedIn and my experience was so different!I’ve had the pleasure of working with Megan Herrera from RealREPP. Megan’s energy is amazing, she’s so kind, and genuinely caring! She not only made sure that I was a potential fit for a couple of positions, but she made sure that I was confident they were a fit for me as well. She did so well prepping me for the interviews, and keeping in touch with me every step of the process. She had awesome communication, was professional, and at the same time she felt like my biggest “hype woman”. Working with Megan really fueled me, and gave me hope and excitement as Im just returning back to work.I am beyond grateful for the experience Megan has given me. I 10/10 would recommend anyone to work with RealREPP.

Review №10

2023-03-13 04:49:22

I recently worked with Megan Scott, RealREPP. She was so great to work with. Megan is very knowledgeable (patient and kind too!), guided me every step of the way and prepared me for interviews and follow up. She also kept in great communication with me. Id highly recommend working with Megan and Real REPP!