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Total reviews rating 5

13 Reviews for Formula Internet 2024:

Review №1

2024-02-21 19:05:57

Formula Internet has been my (now not so-secret) seo weapon of choice for as long as I can remember. We’ve enjoyed the benefits of their experience and expertise in the form of top 10 organic rankings for our industry’s most competitive terms, many of them being high traffic 2 word phrases in length, as well, the longer tail phrases. Mark is extraordinarily knowledgeable and his team were able to address all aspects of our information architecture, funnels, and content strategies, especially in areas requiring deeper technical analysis. FI and Mark are our first choice of contact when we’re aiming to do something modern and ambitious. They help us keep our rankings while evolving with new trends. Our sales and stability of leads are in many ways a reflection of their great work.

Review №2

2023-01-25 18:19:19

I met Mark on Reddit on an entrepreneur subreddit and wound up hiring Formula Internet to do SEO for my businesses website he took us from invisible in the search engines to #6 in 33 days. I’m a contractor in a Phoenix. I’d recommend him for service based and location specific companies like ours. We are excited to work together long term and rank it up for Northern AZ

Review №3

2021-11-18 17:51:48

Over the last 10 years we have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on a range of marketing professionals, technologies, and other promises. Formula Internet is the first company that has delivered above and beyond. Were a consulting company in Silicon Valley and have been working with Formula Internet for a year now through a recommendation from a colleague and the experience has been superb.Were now ranking Page 1 for priority keywords for nearly every location were working on. We went with a multi location SEO strategy and its been working great. Leads are coming in nicely.We have some very large recognizable competitors and through SEO for multiple cities and main keywords we are ranking Page 1 so to have that brand visibility is crucial. I cannot stress this enough that they have been the one marketing partner in a decade that has not only met but beat expectations. No BS, just results. Thank you!

Review №4

2019-09-20 22:03:46

We have been working with Formula Internet for over 2 years now and now have them working on multiple projects. We started with our main website with a redesign. The site is streamlined and the bottom line results are we are getting much more traffic! Since the first project went so well at a reasonable price, we have engaged Formula Internet to do digital marketing/SEO and paid search advertisement to drive even more traffic to our site. Their team is very easy to work with and is very good at explaining all of the technical terms. Im confident that they constantly have best interests of our business in mind.

Review №5

2021-05-15 16:43:04

Id like to recommend Mark and Formula Internet for their great SEO/SEM work they are doing for my company, Saleshood. In January, Saleshood was invisible to google not showing up on any of our desired keywords. Now we show up and are ranking high on them too. Were still working with him and his team. Theyre great. Mark is very hands on. He took a deep look at our market, our competitors, our content and our website. We saw an immediate lift in 30 days. Hes a hard worker and someone you can trust. Feel free to ping me if you have questions. Thanks Mark.

Review №6

2018-11-06 04:26:29

I had hired on a national SEO company previous to Formula Internet. After 2 months I was still waiting to see any increase in traffic to my website. Waiting to see any changes to my website. I gave Mark an opportunity to see what he could do while I was with that company. With in one week he had updated my website and got me on the first page in google searches. I was receiving calls around 3 days later and my business picked up immediately. I would recommend Formula Internet to any business that would like to pick up the amount of business coming in. Thank you Mark and the team at Formula Internet for helping achieve my business goals.

Review №7

2021-07-31 00:34:12

Mark is a Wizard at SEO and Website Build / Design. My Website ranked in Page #1 for the most common searches in my industry. I sell Fitness Equipment (Mainly Treadmills) so it is important to rank at the top of the list when people are looking for treadmills. In Houston, (where I reside), looking up Treadmills in Houston my brand and website show up in page 1. Since my launch in April, I have sold around 90 Treadmills. (3 months time). Quality, Punctuality and Professionalism. The results have exceeded my expectations and the sales volume continues to grow, aligned with my brand exposure to my target market.

Review №8

2018-11-29 17:26:17

Formula Internet SEO and Digital Marketing was the best experience I have had so far! I would definitely recommend this company to any small business on the fence about improving their online presence. Our company has been burned more than once in this industry and we felt much better, being able to deal directly with the owner and talk our way through our vision. They helped us through the whole process. We have seen substantial increase in inquiries via email as well as new visitors to our site. These have turned into new clients/sales. They even completed our job a few days early and spent the remaining time helping us with an email campaign.Top Class company providing a high quality service at a great value. We plan to continue working with them as our company grows.

Review №9

2018-11-06 19:26:12

I had the pleasure of working with Mark recently. My company is among the most recognized companies in the garment manufacturing industry in LA. I had noticed that we lost all of our SEO rankings as a result of a change in algorithm with Google. Mark discected the problem and solved it quickly. We are now back on top of Google. Very efficient and professional. I highly recommend Formula Internet.

Review №10

2019-09-16 00:36:32

Mark the founder of Formula Internet knows SEO inside and out. I have worked with him on joint projects many times from the SEM side of things and seen the data to back up his and his teams work. Specifically, businesses with one or multiple local brick and mortar locations consistently rank higher from maps, to specific queries with intent. Lead gen and E-commerce is a standout area as well which is the lifeblood of so many businesses. They do a deep dive, implement a specific game plan with listed deliverables and deploy them. Also, they are a straight up bargain compared to many traditional agencies where you can get better results for a fraction of the cost I always recommend Mark and the team over at Formula Internet anytime someone asks me if I know a legit SEO guy.