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21 Reviews for ExecTech Management Consulting 2024:

Review №1

2016-07-19 05:24:32

I started my ExecTech program in November 2015. It is now June 2016 andI feel that this program is the best investment that I have ever made.I have been working with my consultant Mike and my coach Holley for eight months. Mytotal collections during that time are 33 percent higher than they wereduring the same time period a year ago.My practice problems are being addressed by my consultant in a way thatis crafted to the needs of my practice. My consultant has also workedwith my staff to help them see how they can succeed in helping me toachieve my practice goals. He and I are also implementing systems intomy practice that are helping me to better coordinate my staff inproviding a superior patient experience in the office.My ExecTech coach is showing me ways that I can more effectively help mypatients and is also helping me strengthen my management skills. As aresult I am becoming a more effective boss.Operating my practice is far easier than it has ever been.When I first heard about the ExecTech program I was hesitant to call andfind out about it. I was not sure that they could help me with mypractice. If your practice is not at the ideal place that you want itto be, I recommend that you give them a call and at least find out howthey might be able to help you. I am very happy that I did.

Review №2

2021-09-12 20:10:58

I used to feel like I was unable to motivate my team. My new patient numbers were down and my practice was stuck in a plateau. I then was referred to ExecTech by a trusted colleague.My consultant and I started to set goals each month. At first they seemed unreal but then I saw that we were reaching them and it kept us striving for more. I learned how to communicate with the team about the changes I wanted. My consultant role played with me and I applied this in both my practice and my life. I now have the basic skills for leadership and my team is more motivated.We learned the importance of getting referrals and how to do it. We did a monthly marketing meeting with the front desk to plan this out. We also created an attainable bonus system which was great!We set up structure in the practice. I started looking at the practice as a game rather than just work. The coaching has helped me reflect on myself and has helped me improve on things I did not even know I was missing.My consultant observes and guides me and I love that the ExecTech program is tailored to my needs. When I have a problem or need something there is someone I can bounce things off of.Since starting the program every month our numbers are better than the month before. We are in a higher level now. Our production is up 20% and our collections went from 95% to 98.5%. It really helps to have someone pushing you. ExecTech is worth the investment!June Xiao, DDS

Review №3

2021-08-22 23:03:02

Before working with ExecTech I worked hard to try to take my practice to the next level. I needed guidance on how to get more new patients and increase production.“Once I hired ExecTech that is when my practice really took off. I saw tremendous results right away and therefore continued working with them for seven consecutive years. As a result, new patients, production, and collections went up at least 10-15% every year consistently.“Hiring employees and staff management were big areas they helped me with. Whenever I needed to hire they helped me find good applicants by using their online job application system. This helped so much as it took me a lot less time to research the prospective staff and streamlined the whole hiring process. Then once I hired new staff my consultant helped me train them which took a big burden off my shoulders.“I also loved the way we increased the number of new patients because we did it mostly through internal marketing. We worked on increasing the quality of the patient experience and then what followed was patients referrals and increased patient number. We did not have to spend more money on advertising (and that is still true to this day)!“Their one-on-one style of consulting face-to-face was the big difference from any other dental consulting company. In between meetings, whenever or whatever the problem was my consultant picked up the call or email and always answered me right away. This gave me great peace of mind and a lot less stress. I could always rely on him for help when I needed it.“My practice has grown so much and I have a lot less stress thanks to the ExecTech. I would say if you want higher production and collections I sincerely encourage you to call them! ExecTech gets results!”

Review №4

2016-07-29 15:36:48

I started the ExecTech program last July and I am very happy with the results that I have gotten.One thing that I really like about the program is the way that that my consultant and my coach have have helped me with hiring strategies. I am now hiring the right people for my practice, which makes management much easier than it was in the past. At the same time they helped me to improve my management skills, so that running my practice is now easier than it has ever been.This has allowed me to add two hygienists to my multi-specialty practice, which is allowing me to devote more time to my patients and my hygiene schedule has gone from marginal to full while the rest of my practice continues to grow.My collections are up significantly over last year.I am very grateful to the colleague who encouraged me to call ExecTech last year to find out how they could help me with my practice. If you are looking for someone to help you achieve your personal goals and your practice goals, I encourage you to give them a call.

Review №5

2018-02-16 16:38:34

I am a single practitioner dental office and I have been with ExecTech for a little over a year and a half. Although I had my initial reservations, I can honestly say that I have reached milestones in my practice that I have never achieved before.I worked with another consultant before I found ExecTech and after a significant investment in time and money I was disappointed that I was not rewarded with any significant results. In contrast, I was quickly (within a few months!) able to truly appreciate the value and postiive outcomes that a company such as ExecTech can bring to a dental practice.After a comprehensive, in-depth interview about my business and personal goals, I was expertly paired with Mike and Holley Graves who helped me design a personalized plan complete with aggressive, yet achievable milestones. Some of our accomplishments have included designing and implementing a great bonus system that truly motivates my team while focusing them on better care to patients; giving me clarity on what I should be focusing on in my practice; tracking and interpreting the statistics of my practice, and improving my ability to truly evaluate the need for additional team members and equipment/facility upgrades. With their help, I have been able to increase my production by 20 percent and my collections by 19 percent.I am simply amazed with what ExecTech has helped me accomplish!

Review №6

2018-04-03 22:32:18

We are in our fourth year of working with ExecTech and as the senior manager of our dental group, I have to say that our gains have been nothing short of phenomenal.Going through this program has been one of the best things that we have ever done in our practice in terms of goal attainment and practice morale. It has also significantly improved communication among our senior management team, which has made operating our organization far easier. Our staff retention has increased as a result of improvement in our management skills.In my opinion, ExecTechs approach to consulting is different than other practice management consulting groups that I have seen. While other consulting groups go into a practice and correct an employee or a situation, our consultant, Mike Graves, comes into our practice and teaches us how to correct the employee or the practice problem, both by telling us how it is done and then showing us how it is done. By teaching the practice owners and managers the ExecTech systems they ensure that we can continue managing the practice from here on out.As a senior manager, this program has helped me to better understand and manage our staff in a way that has increased their level of cooperation and teamwork while at the same time raising their morale.My coach, Holley has taught me so much. She is very easy to talk to and very “real.” I work with her over the phone and she is amazing. An unexpected benefit of the ExecTech program for me, is that I have been able to take the principles that I have learned to use in the office, and use them in my personal life to improve relationships. I never imagined when we signed up with Exectech that I would also feel the benefits at home! I am very happy about this.I would strongly recommend ExecTech to any size practice. They are local and they come to your practice to get to know you and get to know your employees. They consult you in person, in your practice. I feel that there is no substitute for the hands-on care that they have shown our practice.

Review №7

2016-11-02 21:42:13

I highly recommend ExecTech, my consultant Robin is very professional, helpful and resourceful. Its like having a business partner who is always looking out for you and has your best interest in mind. I can basically discuss any practice problems with her and find appropriate solutions. She has helped the practice in numerous areas, hire staff, manage staff, have effective communication skills with patients, have systems in place, increase productivity and much more. ExecTech coaching has definitely helped me with my personal life, achieving personal goals and handling difficult situations. I have been with ExecTech for several years, it has been a wonderful experience. They can truly tailor the consulting to exactly what your practice needs!! I cant thank my consultant Robin enough for everything she does. I must say, the entire team at ExecTech is outstanding.

Review №8

2014-04-14 17:15:34

When I approved Exec Tech three years ago, I was a young practice owner who didnt have much experience in running a dental office. Other than practicing clinical dentistry, I struggled in managing my staff as well as helping them to perform at a higher level. With the goals of reducing stress and increasing profit at work, I started my journey with Exec Tech.Exec Tech offered both coaching and consulting services. Their coaching sessions improved my interpersonal skills to deal with patients and staff members so that I could be in control under various situations. My consultant was a very experienced expert that helped more than a thousand practices to achieve their goals. My program tailored to my needs as I learned how to put systems in place to get the results. They taught me the necessary skills to manage my staff and also to run the office. When I ran into problems that needed immediate help, my consultant was always available to offer advice.My office production and collection increased more than 100% in less than 3 years. The things that I learned from Exec Tech would benefit me the rest of my career. My consultant also helped me to plan for an expansion to build a brand new facility that doubled the size of my old office. The investment in Exec Tech was the best money that I spent!I would highly recommend anyone to contact them if you want to get to the next level of your practice.

Review №9

2015-09-28 01:40:10

I am very happy with the results of my ExecTech program that I completed over a year ago. In my first six months on the program, not only did my practice hit highest-ever numbers in both production and collections, but my production is 26 percent higher than the six months prior to the program and my collections have increased by 25 percent.We achieved this by implementing ExecTechs practice management systems. We implemented their systems for finances and scheduling, which helped to decrease office stress and increase production. We also implemented internal marketing strategies which have helped us get new patients including big cosmetic cases.Before I started the ExecTech program I interviewed several consulting companies. I was very concerned about a consulting company coming into the practice that I had worked hard to build and simply plugging in cookie-cutter solutions that didnt fit with my practice. I interviewed many consulting companies and found that many of them provided service over the phone, which I didnt like, as lack of observation and understanding of my practice would naturally lend itself to the cookie-cutter approach that I wanted to avoid.I really like the way in which my consultant related to my practice and understood my concerns. He studied my practice and was able to teach me how to implement the specific systems that we needed. I especially like ExecTechs hands-on approach, coming to my office and working with me and with my staff.Another thing that I like about this program is that their goal was not to have me become dependent upon them. From the beginning, ExecTechs goal was to teach me how to run my practice without my consultant. They succeeded!

Review №10

2016-07-07 22:53:40

Ive been on the ExecTech consulting and coaching program for about seven months and I have seen substantial improvement in my practice during that time.My ExecTech consultant and coach have provided very personalized service based on the way that I want my practice to run. I enjoy doing volunteer dental work and my program has been designed specifically to provide for the time that I need in order to do my volunteer work, while increasing the productivity of my practice to hit the production and collections targets that I have set for it.One thing that I like about this program is that my consultant looked into each of the problems that I had been having with my practice, and came up with a plan that was designed to suit my needs. The coaching component of the program has helped me to polish other aspects of my personal and practice skills and has provided me with lots of help and feedback.At this point I can manage things a lot better in my practice and I am a lot more confident in its operation. In the first six months of 2016 my practice has increased substantially over the same time period in 2015. ExecTechs custom-designed mini programs have showed me how to do what I need to do along the way and have helped considerably in this expansion.If you are considering talking with someone to find out how they might help you reach your practice goals more quickly, I recommend that you give them a call.Minal Patel, DMD